Special Features Your Hair Straightener Needs

Like every other type of technology, hair straighteners are evolving and becoming so much easier to use. They come in different shapes, sizes, materials and colours, but they also have some extra features that can be very helpful when used right.

First of all, hair straighteners don’t have to be limited to just straightening – when picked correctly, they can be used for all sorts of hair styling, including curling, bending and twisting. If you want to curl your hair with a hair straightener, then you will need one that has plates with bevelled edges. Another important aspect is flexibility – hair curling requires twisting the cord, and it’s easy to get tangled into a hairy mess. To avoid this, get a hair straightener that has a swivel cord – makes things so much easier.

If your hair is naturally frizzy, make sure your hair straightener has tourmaline or ceramic plates (you can find out best ceramic flat iron – here). They generate negative ions, which later trap the humidity in your hair, getting rid of any frizz.

Are you a forgetful person? Do you always triple-check whether you’ve turned off every electrical device in your home before you leave? A lot of people are sceptical about hair straighteners because they don’t want the risk of forgetting them on and creating a possible fire hazard. The solution to this: automatic shut-off hair straighteners! This way, even if you forget the device on, you can continue your work day without worrying. But the auto shut-off feature is not limited to only that. It can help prevent your straightener from overheating and damaging your hair beyond repair, as well as melting any surfaces that you may put it on. As another safety precaution, consider buying a heat-resistant hair straightener stand, so your desk, mirror or floor can remain intact.

If you have any experience with heat hair styling, then you know there is a lot of beauty products involved in the process. These products are meant to help out the process of hair straightening, ensure that the hair remains straight for a longer period and reduce heat damage and dryness. While using these products is sometimes necessary to maintain a healthy looking hair, it’s crucial to remember that when applied before styling, they can leave build up on the plates of your straightener.

Don’t forget to clean your straightener after it cools to get rid of this remainder. You can also get a Teflon-coated straightener, which is very easy to clean. It creates less friction between the hair strands and the plates, so there is not much buildup to clean in the first place.

Nobody knows your hair better than you do, so this is why only you can make sure you buy the perfect straightener for yourself. Whether you already have one, or you are in the process of picking one, these are things worth knowing. Make the hair straightener worth your money and maximize your experience, by choosing a product that has all the features your hair needs.